How often is the system updated?

Our service is continuously updated by our team of dedicated researchers on a daily basis.  The system is hosted on a central server enabling us to monitor Governmental changes and make necessary updates as soon as they become available.

Where does the data come from?

Our information is primarily researched from a range of Government sources including Local Authorities, Parliaments, MPs and Political Parties.  Our researchers use a combination of daily telephone calling, letter writing and questionnaire analysis to obtain and refresh the data.  The Civil Service data is taken from HMSO under licence.

Can I use the system for mail shots?

In response to our customers requirements for a time saving mail merge solution, we have incorporated an easy to use tool for transferring data from the system.  From any search a mail shot can be easily generated and exported into Word, Excel etc.

How much does the service cost?

Access to the Goveval service is by means of an annual licence priced on a named user (i.e. person) and modular basis allowing us to tailor the system to the client’s exact requirements.  This allows us to maintain the highest possible level of service while continually challenging our competitors on price.  Discounts are available for multiple user licences, allowing data to be accessed and shared across an entire department or organisation.  Contact us for a free demonstration/quotation.

We are a charity, do you offer a special rate?

Because we understand the financial constraints facing charitable bodies, we are happy to offer considerable discounts to all non profit making organisations. 

Is the system easy to use?

All the information in Goveval can be easily accessed via the system’s logical menu structure.  In the unlikely event that a user should experience difficulties, we offer a full telephone support service during office hours.  Alternatively, users may access our online help system.

Do you only research Government?

Although we specialise in researching governmental and parliamentary information, our experienced staff are always ready to undertake additional research projects.  Goveval boasts a unique ‘Stakeholder’ facility allowing a user’s own contacts to be refreshed and entered into the system alongside our existing political content.  This new client information can now benefit from the full Goveval data retrieval and management functions.

Can the system be tailored to my specific requirements?

We are regularly assigned bespoke projects from our larger clients.  With a unique combination of software and research flexibility we can find effective solutions that meet the challenges faced by our customers.