Provision of Data

As a result of customer demand we provide our data under licence to a wide range of companies and major organisations.  Our information can be provided as a daily electronic data stream (containing all the new data from the daily update process) or via Email as Excel lists for external use.

Much of our data is used by organisations on their web sites, newspapers, brochures and other documents suitable for use by citizens.

A customer can use our geographically coded data to produce their own postcode search function.  Alternatively, we offer a hosted postcode lookup service where we can provide search results in real time.

As an example of our data provision, we are proud to sponsor the MySociety Charity and provide political data daily as a data stream for their main site .  'MySociety' has recently been awarded with 'The Contribution to Civic Society Award' for as part of the New Statesman New Media Awards 2006