• Stakeholders
    A client’s own stakeholders can be imported into Goveval, refreshed and updated by our in-house team of researchers. New contacts will be entered as required.  All the normal Goveval features (Search, Mail Merge, Auto - Email, Reports, Notes and Attachments etc) will apply.
  • Tailored Content
    Solutions can be tailored to a client’s needs, to include additional search criteria, which is then merged seamlessly into the system.  Work for existing clients has included new Council Officer job titles, Councillor Committee themes and parliamentary information and the inclusion of Parish Councillors.
Location Contact System

Any location in a client’s infrastructure can be added into the system.  Simply click on a predetermined area of interest and all Government contacts associated with that location can be found e.g. local ward Councillors, MPs etc.  Client stakeholders can also be assigned to any location and imported into the system.  Reports can then be generated to allow immediate contact by email, phone or post etc.
Typical Applications

  • Emergency contact system in case of an incident.
  • Maintenance issues requiring regulatory communications.
  • Day to day communications across an infrastructure.
  • Growing Government regulatory disaster recovery requirements for complex and sensitive infrastructures.
Internal Email System

All contacts found in any search can be emailed from within Goveval using our own dedicated mail server.  A user note is automatically generated to provide the client with a record.