Who Uses Goveval?

Present users of Goveval include large Corporates such as Public Utilities, major Telecoms, Transport Operators, Government Agencies as well as Charities and other Non Governmental Organisations. These organisations are involved on a daily basis with press and public relations, engineering, planning, design and related professions while being active in central and local government relationship building.

From small pressure groups to major blue chip companies, anyone who requires the most up to date information for their project to succeed will want the Goveval system.

Typical applications include:-

  • Managing Public Affairs and Public Relations
  • Lobbying Government
  • Selling to Government
  • Recruiting into Government
  • Researching & Monitoring Government
  • Automated Data Feed into a Client’s Own System
  • Providing data as a Public Information Service
  • Maintaining Government Relations & Responding to Political Queries
  • Planning New Infrastructure with Related Local/National Risk Analysis
  • Assisting with Disaster Recovery requirements
  • Planning for Future Regulatory and Legislative Requirements
  • Aiding Foreign Firms in Developing their UK Business
  • Complying with Health & Safety Regulations
  • Organising Events
  • Self or Cause Promotion to Government
  • Environmental Awareness and Conservation
  • Political Opinion Research 
  • Communications Management Associated with the Maintenance of Existing Infrastructure