Goveval Features

  • Continuous Updates
    Primary Local and National data researched by a dedicated team of analysts.
  • Ease of Use
    A wide range of search options allows users to access data quickly & efficiently.
    Common search themes include: name, geographic location, interests (political & personal), department, job title, committee membership.
    Users can also search on their own subject based notes.
  • Post Code Search
    Find any local Councillors and MPs geographically associated with a given post code.
    Multiple User Access from any location.
  • Mail Merge
    Data from any search can be easily exported to Word, Excel etc for mail merge purposes.
  • User Notes
    The user can record interactions with contacts, including a file link attachment system allowing Word, Excel and scanned images (letters, articles etc) to be attached to any contact or search result.  Fully networkable, user notes can be viewed by any other authorised users within an organisation.  All recorded notes are automatically dated for accurate time keeping.
  • Reports
    Allows the user to generate printable reports of client user notes entered on contacts within the system.
  • Unique Geographic Links
    Using one simple search, find all of the Councillors and Parliamentarians whose constituencies overlap the same geographic area.  Links exist between MPs and Councillors from local council ward to constituency across the UK.